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money stress to money success


Sound too good to be true?


After 25 years of helping people to Succeed with Money I can honestly say that almost no money problem is unsolvable. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the right solutions to have an almost immediate positive impact.

Hi, my name is David Wright and for two and a half decades I have been working with people to help them overcome their cash flow problems and Succeed With Money.

I started out in the early 1990’s with nothing more than a desire to learn how to manage money better for my own family. Through relentlessly pursuing better information and better ways of doing things I gradually began to find solutions to my family’s money stress troubles.

As I found solutions, I wanted to share them with others and as I helped others I learned from their problems which I also wanted to solve. Gradually I developed a system that I realised could help millions of people and a real passion developed within me to make sure that I put the knowledge and experience I had gained to good use.

“David – I learnt more from you in half a day than I have in months of reading and research. The simple but effective models you teach are so valuable and I would strongly recommend your seminars to everyone I know. I will keep you posted on our progress and be in touch in the coming months.”
Daniel, Sydney

Most likely not even your fault …

BUT …… here’s the real kicker… for most people, money problems and stresses are not even their fault!

That’s right… what I discovered all those years ago that set me on this journey, was that almost everyone is operating on the wrong information and that they are missing the most important piece of information altogether.

Where all the experts have been telling us we need to do a budget, that has actually been misinformation. Watch the video below to see why doing a budget is a total waste of time and to find out what you need to do to succeed with money.

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