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Welcome to ‘Succeed With Money’. David Wright, Founder of the Spending Planners Institute and leading expert on family money solutions, has been helping people take control of their day to day finances and achieving financial success for over 25 years.

If you’re under money stress and wondering where to turn, Spending Planners offer help for the average Aussie seeking to sort out their money drama – we come alongside you and shed light on ways to overcome your debt, get your money on track, and your savings growing for your goals and your family’s future.

Accountants are great at what they do – they know how to get best tax refund but an Accountant isn’t someone who can help you sort out your day to day money stress. Financial Planners are brilliant at connecting families with insurance and investment products that best suit their needs but that doesn’t immediately remove the day-to-day money stress. Spending Planners can help people sort out the daily money stress, and get on top of their debts and spending. In fact Spending Planners take people from the “money-stress-zone” to being ready for a Financial Planner.

Spending Planners don’t give advice – they give tools and principles that lead to much better financial outcomes. Take control of your spending and debt, and get your finances on track – get a Spending Planner.

“Love listening to my Spending Planner explain how to calculate my income. I can’t really believe how easy it is when I have a spending plan set up for my expenses!”


I need to do better with our family finances, and it’s great to know I’m not alone in that.


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